September 7, 2011

About Us


RCCG House of Mercy UK

We are part of the Redeemed Christian church of God Worldwide. Our Parish has been establish since July 2007. By the Grace of God we are a registered Charity No. 1124373. Since the birth of the Parish we have experienced the Lord Jesus Christ transformed lives. The Parish is growing in leaps and bounds, currently there are two Parishes of the House of Mercy family:

House of Mercy Aylesbury

The Parish is located within 5 minutes walking distance from the train station and about 7 minutes walking distance from the town centre.

The church enjoys a massive parking space at no cost located behind Morrison shopping complex. It also has a good access road from train station and town centre. You are free to call for our free bus transport system to the church if you are a church guest on mobile number 07506680717 OR 07985636361.

House of Mercy High Wycombe:

The church enjoys 5 story building parking space known as Swans Park and just about three minute walking distance from the church.We also accept responsibility for parking charge for all Guests. Kindly submit your ticket to our protocol officers for immediate refund.  For more information please see.