October 22, 2011

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Goal is to make heaven and

  • Raise Generals in faith
  • Take many along to heaven
  • Be a blessing to our generation


House of Mercy is a place of possessing Kingdoms, raising generals, repairing of broken relationships, embracing the mercy of God prevailing over judgments. Reaching out to men with the love of God, provide music as a tool of spiritual therapy to the downcast, hopeless and dejected.

Through the word of God to those who are hungry, to satisfy their longing souls, nourish man with the living word to turn loose the power of God in Man to become a blessing to his generation.

Our Mission statement

Our passion is to possess kingdoms and raise influential Godly leaders, generals in faith and kingdom power. to create an atmosphere where mercy turns as many people we come in contact with into a blessing for their generation